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Whenever you need to pass on information, be that to customers on site or simply people walking past, then you need signage. From the most simple of warnings through to the most colourful of advertisements, a good sign will give an onlooker all the information they need at a single glance.

But the ideal sign can be difficult to design, because it does require brevity of message, simplicity, and an expert’s eye for layout so that the most important words and messages are the ones most likely to be seen. Further, the design requirements for the ideal sign can be dramatically different depending on whether you’re looking to use the sign for branding, as a billboard or advertising, or as way of providing warning information.

At Synergize we have expertise in a wide range of different signage solutions, and we use that expertise to help our customers design and execute on signage that fits with their unique identity and message. We have a highly consultative approach to our work, where we invite the customer in with their designs and then, if desired, can help tweak or rework the designs to better suit the end goal that the message has.

With a team of expert designers in house, we can also help you develop and execute on a vision from scratch. From colour to the use of the real estate that the signage allows, we are equipped to help you develop something that matches your brand. Our expertise across all fields of signage is such that we know what works in any given environment, and we provide that knowledge as a service to our customers to ensure that they achieve what their business demands from the signage.

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